AI For All

Octo-net connects open-source AI across all domains — where every query activates the world's best open-source AI models to help you get jobs done.

How Octo-net works

Octo-net is a graph network, with Octopus V2 serving as the master node and other open-source models acting as worker nodes.


The user submits a query for jobs to be done.


Octopus swiftly classifies and matches the user's query to the best-suited AI worker node, rewrites the query for optimal input, and initiates the node to process it.


The worker node executes the query and outputs the optimal result or action to fulfill the user's query.

Technical Highlights

Efficient Inference

Uses models with approximately 10 billion parameters for fast performance.

Scalable Graph Structure

Offers unlimited scalability with its graph data structure.

Top MMLU Performance

Industry-leading language comprehension for diverse tasks.

Join Us

Help us expand the capabilities of Octo-net by integrating your fine-tuned models or AI agents into our vast, open-source network. Together, we can build a more connected and capable AI ecosystem.

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