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NEXA AI envisions a world where software interactions occur through natural human language. We aim to transform human-computer interaction from GUI interactions to natural language prompts using accurate, fast, and affordable AI agents.

Introducing Octoverse

AI Agent Foundation Models

Our foundation models cover a wide range of app categories, including shopping, travel booking, video streaming, and video conferencing (more categories coming!).

AI Agent API

Experience ultra-low latency at ~0.3s. Our models are 4x faster, 10x cheaper, and offer 100x more rate limiting than GPT-4o in function calling, with better accuracy.

Local Deployment

Integrate our AI agent models through our API. We also support on-device model deployment.


NEXA AI invented functional tokens and Octopus models for AI agents. We provide more accurate AI agent solutions, 4x faster and 10x cheaper than OpenAI GPT-4o API, with latency around 0.3s. NEXA AI solves the problems of excessive navigation and steep learning of current software. We support both on-cloud and on-device model deployment.

Octoverse: Your AI Agent Foundation Model Hub

Flagship Models

Octopus v2

A 2-billion-parameter language model for edge devices.
Uses 'functional tokens' to cut context length by 95%.
35x faster than RAG, 168% quicker than GPT-4 Turbo.
Hits over 98% function call accuracy, on par with GPT-4.

Octopus v3

Fewer than 1 billion parameters.
Processes both text and images for function calling.
On par with a combination of GPT-4V and GPT-4.
Fluent in English and Mandarin.

Octopus v4

Uses models with approximately 10 billion parameters for fast performance.
Offers unlimited scalability with its graph data structure.
Industry-leading language comprehension for diverse tasks.

What they're saying

Rowan Cheung
Rundown AI, Founder

“a groundbreaking new framework for on-device AI agents. The new era of on-device AI agents is coming.”

Gemma 2
Google I/O PR post

“an on-device action model, developers are showcasing the potential of Gemma to create impactful and accessible AI solutions.”

Omar Sanseviero
Hugging face, CLO

“Extremely fast, better than Llama+RAG, great results”

Philipp Schmid
Hugging face, Tech lead & LLMs

“Interesting idea to incorporate the functions into the model with fine-tuning to get reliable generation from small LLMs.”

Aran Komatsuzaki
Teraflop AI, Founder

“For all things tech, Techware is my ultimate destination. Quality, range, and service—impeccable.”

George Z. Lin
BrandGuard AI, AI/ML Leader

“With remarkable progress in on-device language modeling and function request abilities, Octopus v2 could revolutionize software development and spur innovation.”

Kirill Balakhonov
Chainstack, Product Lead

“It is a prime example of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”

Santosh Sawant
Tredence Inc, Senior ML Architect

“A novel approach that employs functional tokens to integrate multiple open-source models, each optimized for particular tasks.”

Altaf Rehmani
HSBC, Digital Solutions Architect

“This is amazing and will pave the path for agents on edge devices. .”

Naqqash Abbassi, CTO

“This 2B LLMs is a breakthrough in the application of LLMs for function calling, specifically tailored for Android APIs.”

Gradio, ML

“These models possess the crucial ability to call functions, which is essential in creating”

Axel Darmouni
Centrale Supélec, Data Scientist

“With the advances we are doing as well in model specialization, there’s no doubt that this approach is the beginning of something big.”

Turing Post
Newsletter exploring AI & ML

“As we can see from the research it can really overcome these limitations of other LLMs!”

The Best AI
AI News Twitter Account

“Nexa AI is making an indelible mark in AI's dynamic landscape every day, and Octopus v4 is a testament to that.”

Raphaël MANSUY

“Octopus v2 represents a major leap towards making powerful AI accessible to everyone.”

Blake Tindol
Stryker, Data Scientist

“Octopus v2 showcases the potential to revolutionize how we interact with technology, emphasizing efficiency and privacy.”

Manoj Kumar
OPPO, Leading Edge AI Team

“A Novel method enabling on-device models with 2 billion parameters to outperform GPT-4 in accuracy and latency, reducing context length by 95%.”

Thivyaa Mohan
HSBC, Data Scientist

“Say goodbye to app overload!  Meet Octopus V4, the AI that’s like having a super-powered all-in-one app.”

Analytics Vidhya
India's Largest DS Community

“This research marks a significant leap forward in the utilization of language models, presenting a robust framework with multiple specialized language models into a cohesive, graph-based system.”

Anshuman Jha
Aon, Data Science Manager

“The dominance of proprietary, resource-intensive language models like GPT-4 is being challenged by the rise of powerful open-source alternatives.”

Scott Macon
Bright Fox AI, CEO & Founder

“Octopus v2 by Stanford University is not just a technical achievement but a beacon for the future of on-device AI applications.”

Theis P.
In10x, CEO

“Octopus v2 presents an opportunity to revolutionize customer interactions and service delivery.”

Winson Li

“Octopus v2 is not just another AI—it's a leap into the future of on-device intelligence..”

Shane Zammit
Radio Workflow, Founder

“Striking a balance between high accuracy and low latency, it's a game-changer in on-device AI performance.”

Raphaël MANSUY

“Octopus v2 represents a major leap towards making powerful AI accessible to everyone.”

Vijay Morampudi
Axtria, Head of AI

“Octopus v2 marks a significant leap towards sustainable, accessible, and user-friendly AI applications, addressing concerns around privacy, cost, and latency.”

Raphaël MANSUY

“Octopus v2 represents a major leap towards making powerful AI accessible to everyone.”

Fredy Del Vecchio
Birdiefy AI, ex CPO& Cofounder

“A monumental leap in function calling efficiency on devices, making real-world applications faster and smarter than ever imagined.”

Julien Chaumond
Hugging Face, CTO
Tom Zschach

“a groundbreaking new framework for on-device AI agents.”

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